It is no easy challenge for those of you who decide that you want to make a difference in your own life/marriage/family. You, your spouse and your family can reap the rewards in your own lives if you challenge yourselves to make a difference. Kimberly Bentley considers it an honour to be there for you—to encourage and guide you through some of the challenges you may be facing today.

Services are all offered by Zoom call at the moment.

Here are some of the areas Kimberly Bentley specializes in:

Youth Coaching

Walking into the teens years is no doubt a challenge with changing hormones, going into high school, friendships perhaps changing and—look out—the dating world. Sometimes pre-teens and teenagers need some encouragement and guidance outside of their parents because as we parents know, teens occasionally will take the advice from a third party before they do from their parents. Kimberly offers these topics of interest as well as others to help your teen navigate through the roller-coaster ride: friendships, dating, hormones, the benefits of food and mood, the benefits of exercise and mood, sleep, and many more.

Cost is $45 per hour (Taxes are included)

Pre-Marriage Coaching/Preparation

Are you ready for this big change in your life? For those of you who are about to get married and who will be new to living with someone — or recently new to living with your significant other — life as you know it is about to change, or has already started to change. Sometimes we need to get prepared or understand what it is like bringing two different people together under one roof.

Some of the topics—but not limited to—are: Finances, Household Chores, Sex, Holiday Expectations, In-Laws and Boundaries, Your Ideals and Vision for Your Marriage, Children, etc.

Cost is $75 per hour (Taxes are included)

Family Coaching

As a family, coaching is to encourage one another to listen, hear, and try and understand things from one another’s perspective. The aim of family coaching is to promote and accomplish a process of healing through reflecting on personal faults and making the changes necessary so the result is increased compassion and positivity within the family.

Cost is $75 per hour (Taxes are included)