Kimberly Bentley has been married since 1997 and has had a journey of her own as everyone has. Life—with its ups and its downs—has taught her a lot about herself, life, having a teenager and marriage. She felt compelled and moved forward to obtain her BSc in Psychology with a minor in Christian Counselling as well as certifications in Health and Wellness, Professional Life Coaching, Caring for Kids, and Women’s Coaching, just to name a few. She enjoys encouraging young people, those about to get married, as well as families. Her hope is that young and mature alike will have the courage to make positives changes in their personal lives, whether it is just a few minor changes, or some big ones, so we are all an encouragement and blessing to others.

This is no easy challenge for those of you who decide that you want to make a difference in your own life/marriage/family. Just as Kimberly Bentley made a personal choice years ago to make the changes in her own life first, you—student, single, married—can reap the rewards in your own lives if you challenge yourselves to be the difference. She considers it an honour to be there for you—to help you make new goals, encourage, challenge, and guide you through some of the challenges you may be facing today.

Daily Encouragement for the Woman’s Soul—Book

About the Book . . .deftws

Kimberly Bentley writes a daily encouragement for us ladies to lift our spirits and encourage us to think big, dream big, and move forward in our lives. Here is an excerpt taken from April 18th about never giving up . . .

“I know things sometimes don’t seem fair. Sometimes things happen and we don’t understand why. But out of the ashes of life comes new life, a new start, a new beginning. We may not know what that looks like right now, but it will come. Sometimes we wrestle with what has happened, but it’s time to heal and move on.

”I had a friend share with me, ‘God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle; I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.’ That has rung in my ears from time to time. I think to myself, ‘Do I really need to go through this much?’ Yes! Because it builds something beautiful, something amazing – it builds YOU. It might not be the way you thought life would turn out, but next thing you know, something else beautiful has begun. And I promise it will be beautiful.”

If this encouraged you, you will be uplifted regularly with her Daily Encouragement for the Woman’s Soul.